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Stress - Echo Testing

An Exercise Stress-Echocardiogram is a non-invasive test that combines an echo cardiogram (sonogram of the heart) and an exercise treadmill test. The patient can expect a total test time of approximately one hour which includes an exercise time of approximately 6-9 minutes. An appointment will be scheduled after the test to see Dr. Gayles to review the results.


An Echocardiogram is a non-invasive test that provides sonogram images of the heart. The patient can expect a total test time of approximately 45 minutes. The patient is asked to schedule an appointment approximately one week after the test date to return for results.

Nuclear Imaging Stress Test

Nuclear imaging tests are used to determine areas of the heart that have a decreased blood supply, using a very small amount of a radioactive substance and a special camera. There are several types of nuclear imaging test performed at our office. Some require light exercise and others use medication to chemically induce an exercise response from your heart. A thorough evaluation will be done to determine which nuclear imaging test is the safest and most appropriate for you.

Vascular Studies

Vascular studies use ultra sound technology to evaluate veins and arteries throughout the body. Our office performs carotid duplex studies, arterial doppler studies of upper and lower extremities and venous doppler studies of the upper and lower extremities. Preparations for these tests are not required.

Please check with the office for preparation instructions, or Contact Us Online to answer any questions.

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